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The engine is the most important part of any automotive vehicle. In general, an engine can be defined as a mechanical device which generates some form of output for a specified input. The basic function of any automotive engine is to produce mechanical energy or power from the fuel given to it. Fuel may be referred to a material which when subjected to combustion produces the energy or power required in order to move an object or an entity. This entity is usually a vehicle. Based on the functionality of the engine it is called as the prime mover of an automobile.

A motor differs significantly from a used truck engine wherein mechanical energy is produced from other forms of energy such as electricity. So the term motor car does not refer to a car run by a motor. However such car has a starter motor as well as another motor for the purpose of driving pumps. Anyway, in this case the engine is the component that propels the engine.

The modern engines we use nowadays have come a long way since they were first designed by Karl Benz in 1879. He designed what we call now as the flat engines. In that design, inside the engine, the corresponding pistons move in the horizontal cylinders and reach the top at the same time. This helped them in balancing one another corresponding to their individual thrust. Such an engine design should contain an even number of cylinders. The Volkswagen beetle engines are the best example for this type of engines. Currently, such technique is used in the design of aero engines.

The significant improvement in the field of used truck engine control systems led to the increase in the usage of internal combustion engines. Here onboard computers are used in order to maintain the engine management and fuel injection mechanisms are also electronically controlled. This helped in turn to improve the engine efficiency. By doing the similar changes to small diesel engines; power equivalent to petrol engines can be achieved. This attributes to the popularity of the small diesel engine powered cars in Europe.

The heavy duty truck engines are usually larger diesel engines as they produce huge torque. The internal combustion engine was first selected for their increased flexibility over different range of speed. Later it was found that power developed by such engines is also considerable. Then it was decided that such engines are most suited for economical production methods targeted for the mass.

During the first half of 20th century, the makers of the automobile engine were more concerned about improving the power. But later fuel efficiency and pollution concerns were also included in their list. Thus they started working on the alternate fuel measures and used truck engine refinements to produce less smoke.

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